domairOur capable technicians are trained to design and install or service and repair any type of air-conditioning systems.

We handle the whole range from simple window mounted Air conditioners, wall mounted split systems to ducted splits or packaged units.

We will install large, complicated ducting systems and do the air balancing for these

We also design, install, maintain and repair all brands of evaporative cooling systems, be they ground mounted or on the roof.



For the traveller:Engelfridge





We can help you with your portable fridges such as ENGEL; however, if parts are required, be aware that it may take up to a week to have these sent to Mount Isa from the supplier.





Commercial and industrial



We design, install and commission all types of air-condition systems, from simple VRV to complicated ducted systems.

We maintain and repair these type systems

Air handling and ventilation systems as well as heat recovery systems are no problem for us.

We also supply and install cool room, cold room and other refrigeration systems and also repair and maintain these.

Display cabinets, heating or cooling and larger 2 and 3 door display fridges.


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