Whatever the government of the day decides in respect to rebates, the sun is still shining and can save you money

The two most common applications are

PV (photo voltaic) systems

SolarpanelsThese systems convert the solar energy from the sun into electricity.

They can be broken down into

-Panel/ inverter systems with or without battery backup connected to the grid

-Stand-alone systems independent of the grid.

Depending on the requirements and the budget restraints of our customer, we can design, supply and install any variation of the above mentioned systems

For standard grid-connect systems we can advise the customer on the most effective solution for his/her needs.

For stand-alone systems we can design the complete package based on the total electrical requirement.

These systems generally consist of

a number of PV panels, a wind turbine, a backup generator and a battery pack.

The design parameters are determined by the customer,  for example, how many days do the batteries have to supply the demand if the sun does not shine.


Solar hot water systems



These systems generally have either a number of special pipes or one or two panels on the roof, connected to a water tank. The water flows through the panels and is heated up by the sun, the hot water is stored in the tank. The whole system is under mains water pressure and does not rely on gravity. This means, when you open the tap, the water flows with the mains pressure.

We can design, supply and install any variation of these systems depending on customer requirements.

We use the services of a certified Plumber for the connection to the water mains.

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